Less and yet more: An invitation

Dr. Otto Buchinger did not invent fasting. He experienced it at a time when nothing else could help him. But he didn’t leave it at that; he initiated a development that resulted in Buchinger therapeutic fasting becoming a method with a much greater impact than just weight loss or short-term relief.

Therapeutic fasting – a holistic method

Buchinger MethodeDr. Otto Buchinger supplemented water fasting, which was popular in his day, with juices and vegetable consommés, homeopathy, gymnastics and walking tours. But above all, he recognised that fasting releases a vital force, known by Hippocrates and Paracelsus as archeus, and today referred to as the body’s self-healing powers. He was also convinced that to unleash this force, it not only matters what we eat or don’t eat, but also our spiritual nourishment and general lifestyle: Not only are physical fitness and healthy nutrition essential for health, happiness and vitality, but also relaxation and creativity, and beyond that, music, literature, art and spirituality.

Philosophy of self-empowerment

Buchinger therapeutic fasting is therefore not just a physiological method, but deals holistically with the underlying questions of humanity: What is necessary for a fulfilled life, what is dispensable and what is indispensable? It focuses on the principle of self-empowerment, in other words raising people’s awareness of their own needs – especially in the face of an increasingly complex world – and strengthening their self-healing powers.

Therapeutic fasting today: Indications

Buchinger therapeutic fasting today combines traditional fasting methods with integrative medicine and various stimuli to enhance personal development with the aim of improving a patient’s physical well-being and inner harmony in the long term.
The spectrum of therapeutic objectives ranges from prevention to treating metabolic diseases as well as chronic states of exhaustion and depression. For a complete list of medical indications, please click here.

Less is moreBuchinger Methode

Apart from the medical indications and theoretical descriptions, our guests experience Buchinger therapeutic fasting as both less and more: Less, because it allows them to literally discard excess ballast and stand back from their everyday concerns and occupation with unimportant things in an atmosphere of security and concentration; and more, because they see things with greater clarity and experience themselves more intensely, because their ability to enjoy is revived and, along with the desire to grow personally that many thought they had lost, their satisfaction and lust for life also increases overall.

A path, and an invitation

The combination of fasting, integrative medicine and inspiration therefore not only helps to alleviate chronic suffering and prevent fatigue syndromes, it also enables patients to follow the path step by step to a more fulfilled and healthy life. On the next pages, we would like to give you a first impression of how your path might look. We would also be delighted to discuss with you in person or by telephone which treatments best suit your individual situation, the costs involved and what your private or statutory health insurance will cover.

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