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A springtime painting workshop “Spring into me”

Steffanie Hornstein - 27/02/2019 - 0 comments

Spring – the ideal moment to absorb the scents and colours of nature and sharpen our senses for the beauty of the surrounding nature …. In this workshop, we learn techniques of observation and can give free rein to creativity. Instructor Enar Cruz is herself an artist and teacher with years of teaching experience.

A springtime painting workshop “Spring into me”
23rd – 26th April, 2019
10:30 to 12:30 am

Techniques used:
Tempera, charcoal, acrylics or pastels, on paper… in large and medium sizes.


  • Some exercises in observation will be taught.
  • Get to know the basic principles of acrylic and oil painting.
  • Each attendee will choose a subject and study it. You can also choose to do an abstract painting.
  • Rapid sketching to loosen up the hands.
  • In addition to seeing, we practice perception through the other sense organs: the sense of touch, the sense of smell, hearing ….

All levels can participate.
In good weather the class will be held outdoors.

€20 per day, including materials.
Capacity: minimum 6 and maximum 12.

Enar Cruz, Costa Rica-Spain, 1971

In 1996 she graduated from the University of Costa Rica with a degree in Fine Arts, specializing in painting and engraving. She taught at the same University from 1996 to 1997. The next year, 1998, she came to live in Spain and for more than 20 years has been working in painting, engraving and teaching art and art therapy in her workshop.

In 2004 she began a long-lasting and highly valued collaboration with the Buchinger Wilhelmi Clinic. Her passion for art has led her to take part in a great number of specialisation courses in painting, particularly the “Initial Diploma of Art Therapy”, (Metaphor, Barcelona 2012) among others. Since 1994 she has held more than thirty solo exhibitions, and has participated in more than 80 collective exhibitions of painting, engraving and contests in Spain, USA, Holland…

In 2007, she was awarded “Second Place” at 45 Delray Affair, Florida, USA, and “Third Place” in the “University Contest.” UCR (1994) with “Mention of Honor” in the “Pfizer Watercolor Award” (1993), Costa Rica. Her works are part of public and private collections in Europe, USA, Costa Rica…

Registration and information:

Enar Cruz, Creative Activities at Buchinger Wilhelmi Marbella
T +34 952 7643 07