The minds (and hearts) behind Buchinger Wilhelmi

We, the clinic management – Dr. Françoise Wilhelmi de Toledo and Raimund Wilhelmi, Jutta Rohrer, née Wilhelmi, and Claus Rohrer – are continuing the legacy of Dr. Otto Buchinger in the third generation. Above and beyond our common bond as a family, we are united by a strong shared vision: To preserve the spirit of therapeutic fasting as established by Otto Buchinger – and at the same time to continue developing the method in accordance with the latest scientific findings and in line with the needs of people today. This vision is based on three pillars: Fasting, integrative medicine and spiritual inspiration. All of us at Buchinger Wilhelmi, from management and our medical specialists, right up to our art therapists, coaches and chefs, are committed with our whole beings to ensuring that Buchinger Wilhelmi is and remains a byword for medical fasting for the benefit of people all over the world.

Dr. Françoise Wilhelmi de Toledo

I experienced the therapeutic and consciousness-expanding effects of fasting for the first time when I was 17. I knew even then that I would continue to practice it regularly for the rest of my life. For decades, I have cultivated partnerships with progressive university chairs, for example in Berlin, Essen, Munich, Freiburg, Zurich and Granada. In our clinics, we continuously publish scientific articles in several languages. We regularly exchange our ideas with church institutions that focus on the spiritual dimension of fasting. In 1986, we founded Ärztegesellschaft Heilfasten und Ernährung e. V.  (Medical Association of Fasting and Nutrition); in 2003, the guidelines for therapeutic fasting were developed by consensus by a group of experts; finally, in 2011, we founded Maria Buchinger Foundation with the aim of supporting research in the area of fasting.

We raised our two sons, Victor and Leonard, in accordance with our family’s philosophy. We all fast regularly ... and enjoy eating too!

Raimund C. Wilhelmi

“What you inherit from your father must first be earned before it is yours”: I often think of these words by Goethe. This inheritance is only worth as much as one values it: To create a second home for our guests from all over the world, a haven where they can fully relax and let go; at the same time to offer them first-rate 21th century medical care; and to be there for 200 motivated employees whose performance and commitment are the company’s mainstay.

I am fortunate to be able to do this together with my wife and our sons, as well as the whole family. We are all working together towards this goal.

Jutta Rohrer

“Fasting makes me happy”: Many guests in the clinic have said this to me over the 30 years I have worked here. And that’s how I experience it myself: When we fast, we free ourselves of unnecessary ballast – physical, spiritual and emotional. We feel unburdened and light. All our daily worries and reservations are swept away. We can be who we are. This is why people who fast are more open towards each other, free of the “usual” protective mechanisms. They have time to engage in personal discussions, and to make new friends.

That is what fascinates me most about our method. And it is what motivates me again and again to accompany our guests on their individual paths.

Claus Rohrer

As a business economist with professional roots in human resources management at an international company, I am fascinated by the human and personal dimensions of Buchinger Wilhelmi.

Since 1982, I have lived and worked in Spain, where I run the clinic in Marbella together with my wife. Not one day has passed without interesting and exciting encounters. Not only with the authors, artists and other great minds who visit us regularly. But with all the people who come here to open up to what matters most: themselves.