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Covid-19 measures at Buchinger Wilhelmi fasting clinic in Überlingen

Claudia Prahtel - 18/06/2021 - 0 comments

Maximum safety for our patients and employees

We are delighted that we are able to welcome you in our clinic on Lake Constance. We have introduced strict hygiene measures and adapted our internal processes to ensure maximum safety for our patients and employees. In the following, you can learn about the individual steps we have taken in our fasting clinic on Lake Constance to enable you to start your fast with confidence. We will coordinate all processes continuously based on the current regulations and update this text accordingly. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact our reservation department on +49 7551 807 870.

The following rules currently apply at Buchinger Wilhelmi

We carry out a rapid test on all patients on their day of arrival (if they arrive before 7.30 p.m.) as well as a swab test for COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2 PCR).

Patients who are fully vaccinated and recovered patients can use all services in our clinic without restriction once the result of their rapid test is negative.

Patients are considered fully vaccinated if they have received their second vaccination at least two weeks previously. Patients are considered recovered if they have had a coronavirus infection within the last six months and at least 28 days before coming to the clinic.

Patients who are unvaccinated or partially vaccinated are subject to relaxed restrictions once their rapid test has come back negative.
They are allowed to move around on and outside the clinic grounds, but not take part in group events and individual therapies or enter the restaurant. Once they have received a negative PCR test, they may use all services in the clinic without restriction.

On the day of arrival and digestive rest day, meals will be served in the patient’s room.

An FFP2 mask must be work at all times on the clinic grounds. Social distancing and hygiene rules must also be observed.

You must take an antigen self-test every 7 days.

Attention: If you leave the clinic for one or several nights during your stay, we will carry out a further swab to test for the coronavirus on your return at your expense. You will be subject to relaxed restrictions again until you receive a negative result.

Weekly programme, cultural and entertainment programme

We are pleased that we can now offer most cultural and entertainment programmes in accordance with the hygiene rules. These include events in our weekly programme, evening events, fitness and yoga, hikes and cooking demonstrations. Furthermore, the pool can be used in compliance with social distancing and hygiene measures. Medical therapies are also available.

The sauna is currently closed.

Wearing a face mask

Patients and staff must wear an FFP2 mask in all public areas of Buchinger Wilhelmi fasting clinic. You will be given FFP2 masks by us on your arrival.

You are obliged to wear a face mask in the following areas:

  • in all public areas of the clinic
  • on the way to your table in the restaurant or salon
  • at all appointments and medical consultations (e.g., morning check with the nurse)
  • at group events
  • during your enema
  • during your liver pack
  • on coach rides to hikes or excursions

Social distancing rules

Generally, you must stay at least 1.5 m away from other people. To ensure this, we have restricted the number of people in different areas of the clinic:

  • 15 people in the gym
  • 7 people in Bellevue fitness room
  • 2 people in Belgrano fitness room
  • 15 people in the pool
  • 2 people each in the men’s or ladies’ changing rooms in the pool pavilion

Please observe social distancing rules both on and outside the clinic grounds when you leave the clinic.

We look forward to welcoming you again in the near future!