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Ideas for healthy, meaningful and sustainable gifts

Claudia Prahtel - 01/12/2022 - 0 comments


Ideas for healthy, meaningful and sustainable gifts

O come all year faithful: The festive season is a time of cheer and contemplation, but is often accompanied by the underlying stress of finding the right gifts. Do you want to show the people in your life how much you appreciate them, but don’t know what to give them? Maybe a material gift isn’t quite the right thing. But what then? We have put together a few of our favourite tips for gifts that are meaningful, sustainable and healthy.

Give somebody some time out – with the Buchinger Wilhelmi FASTING BOX

We have dedicated ourselves to promoting a healthy body and mind for over 100 years. But now, that no longer only applies to the services we offer in our clinics, but also at home. Our FASTING BOX allows you to enjoy a five-day reset that will boost your energy, improve your mood and can even counter ageing processes early on.

So if you want to give a loved one the chance to treat their body and mind to a reset, the FASTING BOX is a good choice of gift. Especially for those who want to lead a healthier lifestyle but find it difficult to start, the programme can help them to change their habits for the better in the long term.

By the way, the FASTING BOX was developed by our experts and includes not only certified organic ingredients, but also a comprehensive digital support programme with information on fasting, health and nutrition. Find out more here.

Of course, you can also give a gift voucher for our FASTING BOX.

Fastenbox Buchinger Wilhelmi

Give time spent together

One of the best things is spending time with a loved one. These are usually the gifts that mean most to us and that we remember the longest. But sometimes, the gift vouchers for wine-tastings, guided tours of town, etc., pile up, and it becomes difficult to find a time to actually redeem them.

To avoid delaying things further, it helps to have a date in mind when you give someone a voucher for a shared activity. The easiest way is by giving them a ticket for a specific event (for a concert or the theatre, for example). But it’s also best to fix a date when you give someone a wellness day in a spa. That way, the person being gifted can look forward to spending time with you without having to organise it themselves.


Donations: Meaningful gifts that help others

Mindless consumption has long been out of style and many people already have all the things they really want or need. That’s why an alternative gift can be something that benefits not only the person receiving the present, but also the environment or other people.

Of course, you can always make a donation to a charity in the person’s name. But there are other, more creative ways that are more personal. For example, Oxfam offers the option of donating care packages with food, school books or even livestock to people in need. Depending on the category you choose, you get a card to print out and give to the person you are gifting that contains more information about the benefits the donation will bring. Find out more about this campaign here. Sponsoring an animal with the WWF or planting trees via organisations like treedom can also be lovely, meaningful gifts. The advantage of many of these projects is that they continue sending you information about the impact of your donation for a long time so that you can enjoy reading about its long-term effect.


Our gifts to promote health and well-being

We have launched our Buchinger Wilhelmi Online Shop to make the things we use and recommend in our clinics available to more people. That means they are gifts that our founding father, Dr. Otto Buchinger, would have liked, too! The best thing about them is that they are also ideal for loved ones who really do already have everything they need.

All products have been carefully selected to promote your well-being.

Our skin care products with certified organic ingredients are an ideal gift for people who like natural cosmetics. If cooking healthy and environmentally friendly dishes is what you like, you will enjoy cookbooks like “The Joy of Sustainable Eating” by Hubert Hohler, former chef de cuisine at our clinic on Lake Constance. And for those who want to eat more healthily or fast, we have high-quality soups, fasting minerals and more for a balanced diet.

Special tip: Our Christmas sets

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, you can find special sets in our shop that we have put together as Christmas presents. These sets not only save you money, but include products that go together perfectly and can be used as a starter package to improve your health and well-being!

Sustainable gifts that benefit people and the environment

Anybody looking for an environmentally friendly present is spoilt for choice nowadays. Because many brands – cosmetics products, for example – advertise their products as being sustainable. You should pay attention to the differences between truly environmentally friendly products and companies that are just greenwashing. Serious platforms like Avocadostore in Germany offer fashion and lifestyle products from brands that really are green.

What else can you do to make your gifts more sustainable? Why not do a Secret Santa with family members to save presents and packaging (each family member gets just one gift from another person drawn out of a hat) or give people digital subscriptions for magazines, music or streaming platforms.

If you want Christmas to be completely sustainable, you can also buy living Christmas trees (with roots in a pot), sustainable decorations and gift wraps, as well as digital Christmas cards.

Finally, an important message

When it comes to giving presents, it is not the material value that counts, but the kind thought. After all, receiving a gift has an incredibly strong effect on a person’s physical and mental health: It creates closer bonds and strengthens interpersonal ties because it shows interest, appreciation and gratitude for someone else