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Services and prices – Marbella

Services and prices

We offer a choice of packages depending on the length of your stay, the room category and whether you are fasting or not. The packages all include the following: accommodation in the room category of your choice, all services in our Buchinger Wilhelmi programme, basic medical treatment, a standard laboratory examination at the beginning and the end of your stay, fasting provisions if you are fasting or lacto-ovo-vegetarian wholefood cuisine for packages with a balanced diet.

Your personal haven

We have the perfect room for you whatever your taste, from a snug retreat to a generously designed suite with breathtaking views of the sea and the Rock of Gibraltar.

All of our 53 single and 48 double rooms have a safe, telephone, Wi-Fi, central heating/air conditioning, hairdryer, bathrobe, choice of pillows and mattresses. Some rooms can be joined by a connecting door. In Villa María, we can also activate an electrosmog function by interrupting the electric circuit.

Our packages

21 nights

Original Buchinger therapeutic fasting.


Original Buchinger therapeutic fasting specifies a 21-night stay. This is the programme recommended by Dr Otto Buchinger to his patients to give them sufficient time to adapt to the new environment and prepare their body and mind for the full experience of fasting and refeeding.

14 nights

Buchinger therapeutic fasting in a condensed form.

Classic Light

A 14-night stay is the contemporary answer for all those who would like to experience the therapeutic benefits of fasting but only have two weeks’ time. This alternative is beneficial for your health and well-being in many ways and encompasses all phases of fasting in a reduced form.

10 nights

This is the most compact form of Buchinger therapeutic fasting.


The minimum length of stay for therapeutic fasting is 10 nights (1 preparation day, 6 days of fasting and 3 complete refeeding days). If you choose to stay for 10 nights, you must arrive before 3 pm on the scheduled date so that you can have lunch and dinner at the clinic.

as of 7 nights

Packages for a balanced diet


You can also choose a diet carefully designed for you by our team of nutritionists in collaboration with our chef and in consultation with your doctor. All of our meals are prepared using fresh, high quality ingredients, preferably grown in our organic vegetable gardens.