Mind Body Soul Days

Dr. Anne Brunner teaches various methods, which aim to your holistic healing and are offered alternately: Pilates, Fascia Training, Yoga, Yin Yoga/Deep Slow Stretch.

Mind Body exercises are aimed at the interaction between the body, soul and spirit, and therefore at holistic healing. This new programme by Dr. Anne Brunner is offered between 6th August and 11th of August 2018 with a choice of different methods. Free of charge as part of our holistic programme. This programme is offered in German and English.

Each method has a different emphasis.

Pilates is a method that defines the body and promotes inner balance. The exercises are designed to strengthen the muscles, especially in the body’s core. This ensures a flat stomach and a strong back. Pilates is gentle, precise, and focused, to name just a few of its typical characteristics.

Fascia are composed of elastic fibre and muscular connective tissue. They form a network covering the entire body, holding it together and keeping it in shape. It is worth keeping your fascia supple and strong with Fascia Training.

In Yoga, we hold certain poses (asanas) one after the other with fluent transitions. Breathing exercises strengthen the respiratory muscles and increase the volume of the lungs (pranayama). The aim is to meditate while exercising. Or to exercise while meditating.

Yin Yoga/Deep Slow Stretch extends your ligaments and fascia with gentle stretching exercises. This results in deep relaxation – a lovely way to end the day. It helps to keep your body flexible and ensures a good night’s sleep.

The exercises follow the rhythm of your breathing. This helps you to concentrate on the here and now and promotes mindfulness. The aim is to get back in touch with yourself and your body. Some call it “coming home”, others “waking up”.


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