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Obituary for Dr. Hellmut Lützner

Steffanie Hornstein - 29/08/2020 - 0 comments

Hellmut Lützner grew up in the Ore Mountains in East Germany. Natural medicine played an important role in his family. His parents regularly went on fasting holidays and always returned in high spirits and filled with energy. As a young man, Helmut Lützner studied medicine in Kiel and Munich. After qualifying, however, he was unable to find a job in the west, and returned to East Germany in 1956.

As a junior doctor in Zwickau, Hellmut Lützner gained experience in the fields of psychiatry, surgery, internal medicine and gynaecology. He had suffered from severe neurodermitis ever since his youth. On the advice of a senior physician, he tried giving up dairy products, and his condition immediately improved as a result. This was Hellmut Lützner’s first experience of the close links between illness and nutrition.

Dr. Lützner moved to a rural practice near Dresden that offered fasting, group therapy, Autogenic Training, sauna and Kneipp treatments. In spring 1961, he took a temporary job at Buchinger Wilhelmi clinic in Überlingen for four weeks, replacing a colleague who was on holiday. Alongside his work, Dr. Lützner tried fasting for the first time.

Helmut Wilhelmi, managing director of the clinic at the time, then offered Dr. Lützner a permanent job including a furnished apartment. Hellmut Lützner’s famliy moved from East Germany to Lake Constance just five hours before the inner-German Wall was built.

At Buchinger Wilhelmi, Dr. Lützner was put in charge of the balneotherapy and exercise department. He trained staff and incorporated the basics of classical naturopathy in the clinic’s procedures. Dr. Lützner regularly took part in training weeks organised by the Zentralverband der Ärzte für Naturheilverfahren (Central Association of Naturopathic Doctors, ZÄN) in Freudenstadt, generally as a lecturer. In 1975 he was appointed head physician at the Kurpark clinic in Überlingen, a facility for patients with obesity and metabolic disorders, where he remained until his retirement.

From 1964 onwards, Dr. Lützner published more than 60 scientific articles on the topic of fasting and nutrition. He played the main role in a television show about fasting broadcast by Bayerischer Rundfunk. At the same time, Dr. Lützner’s bestselling book “Wie neugeboren durch Fasten” (New Life Fasting Guide) was published by Gräfe & Unzer Verlag. It has been translated into 15 languages.

In 1982, Hellmut Lützner initiated a conference on the topic of the metabolism in Überlingen, which led to the founding of the Medical Association for Fasting and Nutrition (ÄGHE). Today, the ÄGHE has more than 200 members and regularly holds international fasting congresses.

After retiring, Hellmut Lützner was actively involved in the movement “Fasten für Gesunde” (Fasting for Healthy People). Thanks to his enthusiasm, his steadfast trust in people’s self-healing powers, and his strong entrepreneurial spirit, Dr. Lützner transformed the lives of countless people for the better.