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Dear guests, patients and friends,

Steffanie Hornstein - 01/12/2020 - 0 comments

We are sure you will all agree that 2020 was an exceptional year, an insane one, even! An organism, so tiny that it is invisible to the naked eye, changed the lives of people around the world more than almost any other event since the two World Wars. We have had to cut back on trips and even stop travelling altogether, meetings or appointments with a large number of participants are held by video conference, we have stopped seeing family, friends, going to cultural events or restaurants. There are no more parties, masks and disinfectant are our constant companions …

We have had to abruptly and involuntarily renounce our perceived flexibility – the impression that we had the “world at our feet” – without any say in the matter. That takes some getting used to in this day and age, after all we had everything under control and could choose whatever we wanted – who to meet, what to do in our free time, where to go on holiday, where to eat out!

We owe the extent of this pandemic no doubt to globalization, because we are all interlinked at multiple levels. But although “social (actually “physical”) distancing” is the order of the day, what we really should be doing is sticking together. What we need are uniform strategies and cooperation at an international level and multilateralism instead of egoistic isolation. We can only protect those who are particularly at risk if we work together. The challenges we are currently facing also affect our neighbours and neighbouring countries. Even though shaking hands is no longer “en vogue” at the moment, we should be metaphorically joining hands and supporting each other, now more than ever. One sentence that has been heard a lot in recent months is, “The world will no longer be the same after COVID-19 as it was before!”

All of this has inspired us at Buchinger Wilhelmi to consider how we can satisfy any new needs our patients might have. Following the outbreak of the pandemic, we shifted our focus to the topic of “immunity and prevention”. There is sufficient evidence that the primary risk factors for a severe infection with COVID-19 are hypertension, obesity and diabetes. For the last 100 years, we have applied our medical concept extremely successfully to treat exactly these three indications. With the help of our research team under Dr. Wilhelmi and our European research partners, we will examine the mechanisms of viral effects in combination with fasting metabolism in future to allow us to treat our patients even more effectively.

What else has happened in our clinics in the past months?

More than ever, they were places where people came for regeneration and inspiration in 2020. Our guests told us that they were able to recuperate from the permanent stress caused by COVID-19 and felt sufficiently protected thanks to the regular tests for guests and patients.
Since the start of the pandemic, we have welcomed many new guests who visited our clinics for the first time. Patients fasted longer on average than in previous years, maybe because people have changed their working patterns and their traveling behaviour, but also because they have a greater need for relaxation. We were able to hold many of our activities, such as yoga, meditation and concerts, outdoors in the garden and on the lakeshore or seashore in the warmer months. We will certainly make sure that we continue to do so to some extent after the pandemic is over. Buchinger Wilhelmi also expanded its online presence, above all for patients and guests who were not able to visit us this year. We now have a YouTube channel and our own podcast.

Pdcast Buchinger Wilhelmi

To sum up, we can say we have done all we could in 2020, the year of the pandemic, to fulfil our mission: “We empower people to live a healthy and fulfilling life”.
Now the year is drawing to a close, and soon – circumstances permitting – we will be celebrating the festive season with our families.

Who knows, perhaps there will be a spectacular Christmas miracle, and we will be able to declare the pandemic over.
Either way, we will be there for you in Überlingen and Marbella whenever you want to treat your body, your mind and your soul to a rest.

The Buchinger-Wilhelmi family

Buchinger Wilhelmi family