The best therapy for you

Integrative medicine as we practice it in our clinics bridges the gap between scientific Western medicine and naturopathic and alternative forms of complementary medicine. It also involves psychosomatics. Integrative medicine therefore combines the latest research with practical knowledge, some of it ancient, of what promotes, builds up or restores a person’s wellbeing. But however much the various approaches differ, the overarching goal is all the more clear: To find the right individual treatment that suits each of our patients best, alleviates their suffering, cures their illnesses and promotes their health and wellbeing.

The right mix

Integrative medicineScientific medicine is clearly superior when it comes to diagnosing and treating acute diseases. We therefore consistently apply the standard procedures of internal medicine in the area of diagnostics. Our doctors have access to state-of-the-art equipment and cooperate with renowned hospitals and specialists in the vicinity for this purpose.
However, in the case of chronic illnesses such as metabolic disorders, arthritic inflammatory diseases of the joints, obesity, diabetes mellitus, hypertension or depression, traditional naturopathic methods with their salutogenetic approach – i.e. focusing on factors that support health – often have a more lasting effect.

Comprehensive treatment

Integrative medicineThe measures and procedures we offer therefore cover the entire spectrum from nutrition-related methods, including fasting and wholefood nutritional therapy, to physiotherapy and the broad field of hydrotherapy and phytomedicine. We apply methods that originate in Chinese, Japanese, Ayurvedic and Thai medicine as well as European naturopathy. The many forms of massage and other procedures to stimulate excretion via the kidneys, liver, bowels, skin and lungs are also important therapeutic elements.

For body and soul

Treatments that focus more on the body are incorporated in a variety of measures to promote emotional and spiritual harmony. These include psychotherapy, breathing therapy, meditation, autogenic training and coaching, as well as creative activities, art and culture. With art, we mean in particular the art of simply enjoying doing nothing and relaxing. 

Strengthening self-healing powers

Integrative medicineOur doctors and therapists are specialised in integrative medicine. They attach great importance to maintaining a trust-based relationship with their patients, rely on their patients’ own initiative and help them to help themselves. As an alternative or in addition to conventional medical treatment, they can help patients to strengthen their own self-healing powers permanently through natural methods without side effects, and by teaching them how to change their lifestyle.

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