Nourishment for spirit and soul

Spiritual Dimension. Dr. Otto Buchinger was guided by the fundamental conviction that “When the body fasts, the soul goes hungry,” and this is something we see again and again in our guests’ spontaneous need for introspection and inner contemplation during fasting. Indeed, most of our regular guests place greater importance on the spiritual dimension of therapeutic fasting than on losing excess pounds, which happens as a side effect, so to speak: A stay in one of our clinics is not only beneficial for our patients’ physical health, but also for their spirit and soul. These also have needs that are often buried deep down, but come to light through fasting as clearly as lifting a veil.

Spiritual diet

Along with this renewed clarity, fasters become more receptive to the “spiritual diet” Dr. Otto Buchinger recommended and which still distinguishes therapeutic fasting according to Buchinger: They experience art, music and literature to the full. Being creative becomes an exhilarating activity. The intensive pursuit of the spiritual, of questions of meaning and life, interrupts unproductive routines and points the way to personal development.





A change of perspective

This change of perspective that fasters often describe as a realigning of their perception and in particular their self-perception is something that we are happy to cater for with cultural and creative activities, concerts, dance performances, readings, exhibitions, seminars and workshops. With meditation, lectures, discussions with doctors and psychotherapists on selected psychological and philosophical topics.


Because if there is one thing we want all our guests and patients to take home with them, it is this: That their gain in health is accompanied by a greater love of life, and that the weight they have lost is more than compensated for by inner growth.