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Packages at our fasting clinic in Marbella

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Our packages and services at Buchinger Wilhelmi in Marbella

We have put together a selection of packages for your stay at Buchinger Wilhelmi based on our many years of experience. They have been designed to help you achieve the best possible outcome in your available time.

In the following, you will find all medical services provided as part of the Buchinger Wilhelmi AMPLIUS® | MED programme as well as other services included in all packages.

Medical services included in our packages

  • Medical care and medical consultation (2 consultations for every 7 nights)
  • 24-hour on-call service with the doctor on duty
  • 24-hour care by qualified nurses in the clinic
  • Standard initial and final laboratory examination
  • Private emergency ambulance service
  • Information about treatments from the area of Traditional Chinese Medicine (15‘)
  • “Roeder” therapy
  • Preparation of a personalized therapy plan

Other services included in our packages

  • Accommodation in a room category of your choice
  • Fasting provisions: Organic vegetable consommé and freshly pressed juices as fasting drinks
  • Packages with a balanced diet: Organic gourmet meals
  • As much tea and mineral water as you like
  • Therapy voucher worth € 35 per night
  • Free use of the facilities: heated outdoor pool, library with fireplace, gardens with an organic vegetable garden and natural gardens, gym, sauna, Pilates and fitness pavilion, tennis courts, and much more
  • Weekly programme with group activities: relaxation exercises, accompanied walks, sound massage with Tibetan Bowls, cooking demonstrations, concerts, art workshops in the garden, Nordic walking, Pilates, Qi-gong/Tai chi, dancing lessons, The Melt Method® for hands and feet
  • Digital fasting coach to support you during your fast
  • Stainless steel drinking bottle, large swim bag, certified organic skincare products

Therapy voucher

Each package also includes a voucher to the amount of € 35* per night, which can be used for therapies and treatments recommended by your doctor or chosen by you. Choose from the following areas: Nutrition, Psychotherapy and Coaching, Physical Therapy, Exercise, Relaxation, and Spirituality. Therapies and treatments that exceed this amount (e.g., specialist medicine, Beauty or Hair Care) will be invoiced separately.

Fasting packages

Choose a fasting package that ideally suits your goals and your available time. Each holistic option begins with two to three digestive rest days, in which you give your body time to prepare for the metabolic change during fasting.

These are followed by several days or weeks of fasting, as well as subsequent refeeding days in which you readapt to solid food. Our doctors are happy to advise you on the fasting programme that suits you best before you book.

The royal road to healing and health

Classic Royal

28 nights

  • 1 digestive rest day
  • 23 days of fasting
  • 4 refeeding days (max.)
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Original therapeutic fasting recommended by Dr. Otto Buchinger


from 21 nights

  • 1 digestive rest day
  • 16 days of fasting
  • 4 refeeding days (max.)
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Therapeutic fasting in a condensed form

Classic Light

from 14 nights

  • 1 digestive rest day
  • 9 days of fasting
  • 4 refeeding days (max.)
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The basic form of therapeutic fasting


from 10 nights

  • 1 digestive rest day
  • 6 days of fasting
  • 3 refeeding days
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The number of days you spend fasting and the amount of the therapy voucher depend on the length of your stay.

Packages with a balanced diet

A short break can also be very effective. Come and visit us for a few days to try one of our special diets. They are carefully combined by our team of nutritionists in collaboration with our chef. We use only fresh, high-quality ingredients, mostly grown in our organic vegetable gardens.

Kousmine diet or organic gourmet cuisine


from 7 nights

  • Without fasting
  • 2 medical consultations
  • Choice of organic gourmet meals supplemented with fish
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Your personal haven

We have the perfect room for you whatever your taste, from a snug retreat to our generously appointed suites with breathtaking views across the sea to the Rock of Gibraltar.

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