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We want to highlight sustainability

At Buchinger Wilhelmi, we place great value on taking our own initiative when it comes to using natural resources. After all, they form the basis of our existence and we should deal with them responsibly.

Sustainability has long been part of our DNA: For example, we support various relief projects, use food consciously, and help many people to live a healthy lifestyle that is compatible with our planet and everything that lives on it. But we embrace social values at Buchinger Wilhelmi as well, not only in the way we treat our guests, but also in our dealings with our employees. We make a continuous effort to nurture them and do all we can to ensure a harmonious working environment. In short, we attach great importance to acting responsibly towards the environment and society, and want to inspire others to do the same.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined by the United Nations provide us with a compass that brings us closer to achieving our objective of highlighting sustainability and making it tangible. We are aware of our responsibility as a family-owned company to actively shape the future, guided by the SDGs. In a first step, we focus on 9 of the 17 goals, which are presented in the following, together with measures we have defined for them.


If you would like to know in more detail what Buchinger Wilhelmi’s current environmental measures and goals are in Marbella, please contact our environmental coordinator Felix Lübbert by e-mail:


These goals take top priority for us

We help to combat poverty by encouraging and supporting our employees as well as numerous suppliers in the region.
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We use food carefully and offer our guests and employees a healthy choice of food as well as educating them on the topic. Read more

We help guests and employees to lead a healthy lifestyle, both in the clinic and at home.
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We foster our employees and offer them numerous learning opportunities as well as cultural activities free of charge.
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We use water responsibly, reduce the use of plastics and have our sanitary facilities checked regularly.
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We work with sustainable, local suppliers, pass on our knowledge online and contribute to research.
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We handle resources carefully, avoid waste and recycle as much as possible.
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We focus on sustainable energy sources, reduce emissions and use resources such as water and electricity sparingly.
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Our clinics work with each other as well as with external partners like Médecins sans Frontières.
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Buchinger Wilhelmi, Fasten, Heilfasten, Fasting, Health, Integrative Medicine, BIO, Zertfizierung
Buchinger Wilhelmi, Fasten, Heilfasten, Fasting, Health, Integrative Medicine, Right livelihood award
Buchinger Wilhelmi, Fasten, Heilfasten, Fasting, Health, Integrative Medicine,, Zertfizierung, DIN EN ISO 9001, Qualitätsmanagementsystem, EQ ZERT
Buchinger Wilhelmi, Fasten, Heilfasten, Fasting, Health, Integrative Medicine, Traveler, Condé Nast
Gelände der Fastenklinik Buchinger Wilhelmi in Überlingen am Bodensee mit Garten, Schwimmbecken und Gebäuden als idealer Ort zum Buchinger Heilfasten