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Buchinger Wilhelmi programme

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The Buchinger Wilhelmi programme – For a healthy and fulfilled life.

The Buchinger Wilhelmi programme is built around the fasting method developed by the clinic’s founder Dr. Otto Buchinger (1878 – 1966). This method has been honed continually over three generations and in cooperation with university research centres. Our programme is designed to preserve, promote and restore your health.

We pursue a holistic approach that sees the body, mind and soul as one in the healing and growth process. The focus is on therapeutic fasting and personal medical care. Conscious nutrition, physical fitness and spiritual inspiration round off our range of services and play an equally important role in the regeneration of the body and spirit as physical treatments and exercise in nature.


Buchinger Wilhelmi Therapeutic Fasting

The Buchinger Wilhelmi fasting programme is based on more than 100 years of experience.

It is designed to help you regain and preserve your quality of life, functional capacity and inner harmony. Besides unlimited amounts of mineral water, guests who are fasting are offered herbal teas, freshly made vegetable consommés and freshly pressed fruit juices – naturally all organic. Fasting begins with a light vegetarian meal on the day you arrive followed by a digestive rest day. After you have completed the fast, you gradually build up your nutrition again over a period of four days – an intense and pleasurable experience and one which is vital for the success of your stay in the long term. Those who are unable to fast or choose not to do so can enjoy Buchinger Wilhelmi’s wonderful organic gourmet cuisine or a special diet tailored to their individual nutritional requirements, allergies and personal preferences.

Bei einer Fastenkur sollte viel Flüssigkeit zugeführt werden: Tisch mit Glaskaraffe, Wassergläsern und Suppe


Integrative Medicine

The medical services offered at Buchinger Wilhelmi effectively combine modern diagnostics with complementary medicine, including naturopathic and alternative methods from western and eastern cultures as well as psychosomatic medicine. Our main focus is on prevention and encouraging a healthy lifestyle in the long term. For example, we offer regular talks on various health-related, medical and therapeutic topics.

Gesunde Mahlzeit während einer Buchinger Fastenkur mit viel Gemüse


Nutrition and Dietetics

Those who cannot or do not want to fast can enjoy a calorie-reduced diet from 800 kcal or our 2000 kcal wholefood diet with our organic gourmet cuisine.

Nutrition has a major influence on preserving health and vitality. That’s why we offer you a wide range of incentives and suggestions to enable you to start a new lifestyle when you return home. In our talks, we tell you about the correlations between nutrition and health. In our cooking demonstrations, we show you how to prepare healthy tasty dishes. In individual cooking lessons, you can put what you have learned into practice and prepare delicious and healthy meals yourself.


Physical Therapy

The processes triggered in the body through fasting are enhanced by means of external therapies such as massages, physiotherapy and wraps.

We are proud to employ many outstanding therapists specialised in various treatments from all over the world – from China and Japan, Thailand and India, as well as classical European naturopathy. Your doctor will help you choose which and how many treatments are right for you.

We would also be happy to send you our booklet with descriptions of the different treatments:


Exercise and Relaxation

You can look forward to a varied programme of sports and relaxation at Buchinger Wilhelmi. Learn effective ways to improve your stamina and strength in group and individual sessions. In addition, you can try out various relaxation techniques such as autogenic training, meditation or yoga under expert guidance. Our personal trainers provide a more physical workout. Alternatively, you can go cycling, play tennis or golf. Daily walking tours with experienced guides to wonderful destinations nearby are particularly popular.

Wanderung während einer Buchinger Fastenkur in der Gruppe


Inspiration and Spirituality

A stay at Buchinger Wilhelmi is not only beneficial for your physical health, but also for your mind and soul, the true needs of which unfold through fasting. That’s why we offer you a wide choice of concerts, art trips and literary evenings as well as talks, panel discussions and daily meditation sessions.

Wellness-Anwendungen mit Gesichtsbehandlung lassen beim Fasten zusätzlich entspannen


Beauty and Skin Care

Feeling attractive and feeling good are directly related to each other. That is why we also offer professional beauty and skin care.

Let yourself be pampered in our in-house cosmetics studios in Überlingen and Marbella and enjoy our treatments for greater vitality and a radiant appearance. Our experienced team offer you individual treatments that cater to your needs. We do all we can to give your skin a healthy glow.

Enjoy exceptional, professional beauty and skin care in an exclusive atmosphere.


Psychotherapy and Coaching

During your stay at Buchinger Wilhelmi, you will have countless new and positive experiences. We want you to take as many as possible back home with you and incorporate them into your daily life. After all, the greatest success is achieving a long-term change to your lifestyle.

This is why talks and practical courses in the areas of medicine, psychology, sport, fitness and nutrition are an important part of our programme. In addition, you can take advantage of individual personal coaching (life coaching or health coaching).

A visit to our clinic therefore not only promises new vitality and energy, but also new perspectives.

Gelände der Fastenklinik Buchinger Wilhelmi in Überlingen am Bodensee mit Garten, Schwimmbecken und Gebäuden als idealer Ort zum Buchinger Heilfasten