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Welcome to the Buchinger Wilhelmi clinics.

We know how to help you live a healthy life!

More than 100 years ago, our great-grandfather Dr. Otto Buchinger, founder of our clinics and the Buchinger therapeutic fasting method, contemplated the body and soul. Even then, it was clear to him that a body can only be healthy if the soul is content. Nature was his “health spa”, and literature, music and art his nourishment for the mind and soul.

He was constantly driven by the desire to be “always alert and attentive”.

What drives us is the desire to continue this legacy by constantly evolving the Buchinger therapeutic fasting method and, accordingly, our Buchinger Wilhelmi AMPLIUS programme. We want to accompany you during your fast to ensure that it is a wonderful, positive, happy, and even life-changing experience.

Leonard Wilhelmi, Victor Wilhelmi and Katharina Rohrer-Zaiser

The fourth generation of the world’s leading fasting clinics

For a healthy and fulfilled life

The Buchinger Wilhelmi programme is based on more than 100 years of experience and is continually developed in cooperation with university research centres. Therapeutic fasting is the core component of our holistic concept – for your health.


Lake Constance

The Buchinger Wilhelmi clinic at Lake Constance is situated high above the lake and offers breathtaking views.


The residences of Buchinger Wilhelmi in Marbella stand in the shade of ancient palm trees with views of the Mediterranean.



for your home

Our 5-day fasting programme for body and mind

  • Developed by the Buchinger Wilhelmi fasting experts – based on over 100 years of fasting experience
  • Carefully selected – all products & ingredients are regional, certified organic and sustainably produced for you
  • For your physical and mental well-being
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A day in our clinic

A day at Buchinger Wilhelmi is a day of activity and relaxation, discoveries, pleasure and the chance to meet new people. It is a day that belongs to you alone.

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At your morning health check, a trained nurse will measure your blood pressure, pulse, weight and blood sugar levels in consultation with your doctor.
After that, a cup of tea will be served to your room.

Before and after your fast and if you have booked our nutrition programme, you can enjoy breakfast in our restaurant.

To give your circulation a gentle boost, you can choose from a wide range of activities such as a walk, gymnastics, yoga and Pilates as well as courses on relaxation techniques and meditation.

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During your fast, you can choose between a freshly squeezed fruit juice or a vegetable consommé at midday.

If you have booked our nutrition programme, you will be served a delicious vegetarian menu in the restaurant from our organic gourmet cuisine.

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After your midday refreshment, you have time to relax and rest. The nurse will give you a warm liver pack to stimulate your metabolism. Let your thoughts drift and enjoy the feeling of blissful relaxation.

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The afternoon is yours to do what you want: Take part in a guided walking tour or an excursion, do some fitness training, try your hand at art in our studio, gain inspiration for when you go back home in our cooking lessons, or book a treatment from the wide range on offer.

Alternatively, you can simply do nothing and enjoy your free time.

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Guests who are fasting end the day with a vegetable consommé, while non-fasters can look forward to another culinary highlight in the restaurant from our organic gourmet cuisine.

A varied cultural programme with concerts, lectures and films rounds off the evening.


Evening Lecture Series on Questions of Time

3.10, 7.10, 8.10. & 21.10.2022

Buchinger Wilhelmi in Cooperation with the University of St. Gallen

The Lake Constance region has been a cultural area of the first order for centuries. Just think of the enormous influence of the monasteries of Reichenau and St. Gallen before the Middle Ages. Even today, for example, three renowned universities can be found here: Friedrichshafen, Constance and St. Gallen.

Buchinger Wilhelmi uses this proximity to host a series of events in cooperation with the University of St. Gallen, one of the leading business schools in Europe. This is entirely in keeping with Buchinger Wilhelmi’s integrative approach.

In order to increase our well-being, it is not enough to strengthen ourselves physically. Psychological (soul) and spiritual (spirit) experiences also make important contributions to a fulfilling life. The latter also include cognitive, inspirational and social experiences.

Pioneers of fasting

We look back on 100 years of Buchinger fasting!

In 1920, Dr. Otto Buchinger, the founder of our clinics, treated his first patients with the fasting method he developed – Buchinger therapeutic fasting. That was a long time ago.

His family and four generations of doctors have continued to hone the method and document it scientifically.

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The world’s largest scientific study

The effect of the Buchinger therapeutic fasting

The world’s largest study on fasting conducted by Buchinger Wilhelmi was published in the trade journal PLOS ONE in early January. The study proves that fasting is safe and therapeutically effective and promotes physical and emotional wellbeing.