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What should I bring with me?

What should I consider when packing my case?

If you have a choice of several suitcases, take a smaller one; one of the luxuries of fasting is that you don’t need much and have no need for any additional ballast. You should therefore travel lightly. However, you should include the following things:

  • warm clothes (depending on the clinic and time of year: sweaters, socks, scarf), hiking gear and shoes
  • indoor sports shoes with a light-coloured sole if possible
  • rain gear
  • sports and bathing wear (European bathing wear!)
  • comfortable clothes for everyday wear
  • an elegant garment just in case (e.g. concerts, theatre)
  • your (new?) diary
  • books you have long wanted to read
  • your favourite music and a pair of comfortable headphones
  • recent medical reports as well as prescribed medication in sufficient quantities (or else a prescription from your personal doctor)