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Terms and Conditions and Clinic Rules Marbella

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General Terms and Conditions

I. Services / rates

1. Patients who check in to the clinic are expected to be acquainted with and abide by the rates and conditions of Buchinger Wilhelmi.

2. V.A.T. is included in all prices. Medical services prescribed by our doctors are tax-free.

3. Buchinger Wilhelmi reserves the right to change prices which will not come into effect until after publishing. The present price list replaces all previous lists.

4. The prices do not include medicines.

II. Conclusion of contract / Cancellation / Amended reservation dates

1. a) To make a reservation a prepayment of 1500 € per person is required, accompanied by the duly completed reservation form. Bookings for Penthouse Suites require a prepayment of 3000 € per person. Payment can be made by indicating your valid credit card details and a signature authorizing the transaction, or by bank transfer.

b) On arrival at the Reception you will be required to present your valid credit card in order to check in to the clinic. This card will be duly charged with 50% of the cost of your stay.

c) The invoice must be paid before you leave.

2. a) The reservation can be cancelled in writing only with the return of the full prepayment up to 21 days prior to arrival date.

b) After this, if you cancel or change your reservation dates, the following fees will be deducted from the prepayment you made:

20 to 14 days before arrival = 750 € / pers.
14 to 7 days before arrival = 1000 € / pers.
less than 7 days before arrival = 1500 € / pers.

Payments for Penthouse Suite bookings are as follows:

20 to 14 days before arrival = 1500 € / pers.
14 to 7 days before arrival = 2000 € / pers.
less than 7 days before arrival = 3000 € / pers.

c) Short-term bookings which have been made a maximum 7 days before arrival can only be canceled in writing with the full prepayment refunded if the cancellation is made at the latest one day after receiving the booking confirmation. If the cancellation is made posterior to this date the full prepayment will be billed.

3. Last minute changes:
a) If you delay the arrival date less than 7 days from your expected arrival, 2 days penalty payment is incurred.
b) If you advance the departure date less than 7 days from your new scheduled departure, 2 days penalty payment is incurred.

4. We reserve the right to apply the price currently indicated in our price list to your stay in the event of it not coinciding with the price quoted in the confirmation sent by our Reservation Department.

5. The booking confirmation secures admission to the clinic before the patient´s arrival. The type of therapy to be undergone by the patient can only be decided after the initial medical check-up. In case of doubt, please contact our medical secretary.

6. Guests who stay less than five nights are considered as lodging visitors and will not be charged for a medical check-up. Guests who stay for five days or longer will be considered as patients and will be charged the general fees, since in this case the medical check-up is mandatory.

7. Individual appointments have to be cancelled at the latest the day before the appointment (Monday – Friday until 03.00 p.m., weekends and bank holidays until 01.30 p.m.) at the Planning desk otherwise they will be charged in full.8. Meals or treatments not taken will not be refunded.

9. To guarantee that the patient’s treatment is carried out properly, the clinic reserves the right to engage the services of an interpreter at the patient’s expense, should the attend-ing doctor or the clinic management establish such a necessity.

10. If a patient explicitly requests to be attended only by man or by a woman, we will make every effort to respect this preference; however we regret that it is not always possible.

11. For longer treatment, cookery and counselling sessions, the prices increase proportionally.

12. Please note that bookings made over the New Year period may be subject to a change of price.

III. Arrival / Departure

1. Patients will be allotted the room category according to specifications given when the booking was made. Due to diverse organisational reasons, we cannot guarantee a particular room number.

2. Arrival and departure days are charged as one single day. Rooms are available from 04.00 p.m. on the arrival day and should be vacated before 12.00 noon on the day of departure.

3. Changes of dates or length of stay are possible only by agreement with the reservation department, and depending on room availability.

IV. Valuables / Liability

1. You are advised to make use of the safe in your room. Our insurance covers its contents up to an equivalent of 3,000 €.

2. Cars parked on the car park and their contents are excluded from insurance coverage. The same applies to objects or personal property left in deposit.

V. Terms of payment

Credit cards
(American Express, Mastercard, Visa)

Bank transfer:
Please send the receipt to

IBAN: ES 06 0128 7727 60 010236 3323
Bankinter / Marbella
Account number 0128 / 7727 / 60 / 0102363323

(residents in Spain: in order to pay in cash, the bill must amount to less than 2500 € in total)

Clinic Rules Marbella

Please read these conditions for your stay at Buchinger Wilhelmi carefully.

By sending you a confirmation of reservation, we assume that you accept these terms. All patients must sign a corresponding agreement upon arrival.

1. For medical reasons, certain rest times must be observed during fasting. To ensure that all patients are able to rest at midday and at night, please show consideration (by closing the doors, not talking on the phone, using the shower, etc.) between 1.30 and 3.15 p.m. and between 10.00 p.m. and 8.00 a.m. All external doors are locked at 12.00 midnight. Nevertheless, the security guard will allow you to enter on foot until 2.00 a.m. Cars must be left outside.

2. Mobile phone calls are not allowed anywhere on the clinic premises, on organised walks or excursions. The use of mobile phones, smartphones and the like is forbidden in the dining room, lounge and therapy areas. You are requested to restrict the use of your telephone exclusively to your own room, and, out of respect for your neighbours, ensure that your balcony doors and windows are firmly closed.

3. Since your ability to react may be affected during therapeutic fasting, you are advised to consult with your doctor before performing activities such as swimming in the sea, horse riding or driving.

4. Patients who spend the night away from the clinic without the consent of the doctor or the senior nurse may be required to terminate their therapy and are liable to pay any expenses incurred.

5. The minimum age for admittance to Buchinger treatments is 18 years. In exceptional circumstances, admission may be conceded to teenagers of 16 years, accompanied by parents or a tutor and only with the agreement of the clinic management and the heads of the medical department.

6. Buchinger Wilhelmi enforces a strict ban on smoking, on the consumption of alcohol and any food not included in the prescribed diet plan, both throughout the clinic premises as well as on walking tours and in patients’ rooms.

7. Buchinger Wilhelmi considers the full concealment of face (face veil) undesirable. It is essential for us to ensure correct identification and the thorough performance of medical examinations and therapies. In the pool area only quick drying spandex or lycra swimwear is allowed. In the dining room, you are requested to kindly refrain from wearing bathrobes for lunch and dinner.

8. Our swimming pool is open from 9.30 a.m. to sunset. A pool attendant is on duty to supervise the pool area at scheduled times which vary according to season. Patients who choose to use the pool outside this timetable, do so at their own responsibility. The use of the sauna is always the responsibility of the patient.

9. Your sense of smell is extremely sensitive during fasting: artificial perfumes (all of which nowadays comprise synthetic fragrance molecules) can be extremely disturbing for those fasting, even those we normally like. For this reason, we ask you to avoid using perfume if possible during group activities in the recreation rooms or gyms as well as on walks.

10. Pets are not allowed.

11. On accompanied excursions or walks, assistance can only be guaranteed for those patients who remain with the group.

12. People with reduced mobility or who use wheelchairs should consider that access in the garden and some other facilities may not be entirely suited to their needs.

13. Provision of external services in the clinic or the room is not permitted.

14. It is not allowed to take photos or record videos in which other people appear who have not given their consent.

15. External visits may stay at the clinic from 9.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m.

16. Compliance with the rules and regulations set out in the clinic rules is of vital importance for the success of your treatment. This also applies to the instructions given by medical staff, nursing staff and other senior personnel.

17. In case of repeated non-compliance with these rules or instructions, the clinic management reserves the right to discontinue treatment. The costs must be borne by the patient.