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Buchinger Wilhelmi
5 Day 
Fast Reset Experience

Do you need to reset your eating behaviour, a regenerative break or maybe just a mood lift? Or maybe you want to obtain the benefits of a long term fast at one of the Buchinger Wilhelmi clinics?
This Five Day Fast Reset Experience is designed to cause minimum effort and fits into the life of any person with busy schedules.

Why we designed the 5 Day Fast Reset Experience

The clinical experience of more than 70 years reinforced by numerous scientific publications led Buchinger Wilhelmi to create this program that revitalizes your energy, resets your metabolism by decreasing excess fat and weight, decreases insulin resistance, normalizes blood pressure, and lipid and glucose metabolism. It will also help improve painful inflammatory conditions.

The Five Day Fast Reset Experience will give you a first glimpse of the benefits you will get from “the real thing”: our full fasting cures of 5 to 20 days, or more… This programme can be repeated throughout the year – it will train your metabolism, making it easier and easier to switch into the protected mode of repair and regeneration.

For the moment it is reserved to healthy persons having no drug treatment.

Learn more about the experience

Every detail of this Five Day Fast Reset Experience has been carefully composed. All ingredients are organic and certified. Wherever possible, they are regionally sourced from farmers we know and trust. The food for the five days is low in calories but of top nutritional quality.

Hubert Hohler, Senior Expert Gastronomy and former head chef of Buchinger Wilhelmi Überlingen, together with physicians and nutritionists, has prepared ready-to-eat soups and other interesting little delicacies to make your Five Day Fast Reset Experience most enjoyable.

Learn more about what to expect from each of the days:

Day 1

Transition day

Prepare your body for the decreased intake of food triggering the metabolic switch to ketosis and the metabolic reset.

Learn more

Day 2

First Fast Reset day

On your first full reset day, you might feel a bit tired or have unusual feelings because of the metabolic switch from glucose to fat and ketones.

Learn more

Day 3

Fast Reset day

Your energy level should be increasing today because you will have reached ketosis. People also mention an improved focus on day two.

Learn more

Day 4

Last Fast Reset day

You are probably feeling great right now – emotionally and physically. The energy is good as well as the muscular performance, the mood is lifted.

Learn more

Day 5

Regeneration day

Have a smooth transition back into your everyday life. You will get your first solid food today: cashew nuts. Enjoy the apple puree and restart soup.

Learn more

Science behind the 5 Day Fast Reset Experience

Fast Reset FAQ


How can I get the Fast Reset Experience?

The product is in the test phase and is currently out of stock. Still interested? Join the waiting list and stay updated!

Is the program something for me?

Buchinger Wilhelmi’s Five Day Fast Reset Experience was developed for people aged 18 and over who do not have an underlying health condition. The experience is not suitable:

  • for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • for people who are underweight or have an eating disorder
  • for addicts
  • for children and teenagers

Anyone who has an underlying medical condition (e.g., metabolic disorders, hypertension, diabetes, cancer, heart, liver or kidney disease) or takes medication on a regular basis should first ask their doctor and only fast under medical supervision. A doctor should also be consulted immediately if swelling, rashes, dizziness or other health issues occur during fasting.

Buchinger Wilhelmi is not liable for any health-related or other damage as a result of using the Five Day Fast Reset Experience in a way that is contrary to the above indications and stipulations.

What does the box contain?

The box contains our own, organic and ready-to-eat reset soups. These vary in their richness based on the day of the experience. In addition, we added a selection of own teas, healthy reset snacks and minerals as well as materials for measuring certain values and information material on the procedure.


How do I measure my waist circumference?

To correctly measure your waist, stand and place a tape measure around your middle, just above your hipbones. Measure your waist just after you breathe out.

How and when should I take the Fasting Minerals?

Recommended dosage: Dissolve 3 x 1-2 level measuring spoons daily in a glass of water and drink optimally half an hour before the meal. Do not exceed the specified recommended intake.