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Fasting Terminology – Different Methods and type‪s‬

Leonard Wilhelmi, the managing director of the Buchinger Wilhelmi Fasting clinic at Lake Constance talks with Dr Francoise Wilhelmi de Toledo, the Scientific Director of the clinics about the different forms and definitions of fasting such as Caloric Restriction, Intermittent Fasting, Alternate Day Fasting, 5:2, 18:2, Periodic Fasting, Fasting Mimicking Diets

Life can be stressful, challenging and exhausting. It is easier to master day-to-day challenges with a healthy body and a strong mind. Fasting creates the ideal conditions for restoring inner balance and offers various health benefits. However, this is only one component you need for a long and fulfilled life. Therefore, this podcast covers additional topics such as integrative medicine, inspiration, mindfulness and health-conscious nutrition from the Buchinger Wilhelmi AMPLIUS Programme.