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Micronutrient infusions

Barbara Philipps - 26/03/2024 - 0 comments


Micronutrient infusions & their effect

In the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, there is a growing focus on newer methods to preserve or improve our health. One trend that has become more popular in recent years are micronutrient infusions – a form of therapy in which essential micronutrients are introduced directly into the blood flow in a concentrated form.

What are the advantages of micronutrient infusions?

Efficient absorption, ideal dosage, enhanced function

The advantage of infusions over oral supplements, which often become less effective during the digestive process, is that the active ingredients are absorbed quickly and efficiently. Because the nutrients enter the bloodstream directly, they are fully utilised by the body’s cells. In the case of illness, we now know that ``normal`` levels of these nutrients in the blood are not enough, because the body needs higher doses of certain micronutrients to combat the pathogenic processes causing the illness. The generally accepted recommended dosage, on the other hand, is only sufficient to prevent deficiencies.

Support for detox processes

During a lifetime, the body stores varying amounts of toxins depending on the individual's lifestyle. These harmful substances mainly accumulate in the fatty tissue. The task of the liver is to continuously detoxify the entire organism. To do this, it must be supplied with the necessary nutrients, in particular B-group vitamins, vitamin A, vitamin E, amino acids, choline and glutathione. Many of these substances can be administered intravenously to support the liver as much as possible.

Increased antioxidative capacity

One of the side effects of our stressful everyday life is a higher susceptibility to inflammations that promote oxidation of the cells, causing them to age faster. This can result in disruptions to bodily processes and functions. As even a healthy diet is not always enough to compensate for such oxidation processes (despite eating a diet that naturally contains many antioxidant-rich foods), administering appropriate micronutrients intravenously is an excellent way to boost the body’s antioxidative capacity.

Strengthening the immune system

A weak immune system is often a secondary consequence of so-called hidden hunger, or in other words, a micronutrient deficiency. It is possible to regulate and optimise the function of the immune system by administering certain micronutrients. The immune system not only has the task of protecting against pathogens, it also inhibits inflammation, tackles allergens and promotes apoptosis, i.e. the self-destruction of defective and ageing cells.

Support for neurological functions

The functions of neurotransmitters in our brain and nervous system are supported by certain micronutrients as co-factors, which are not always available in sufficient quantities and in the right functional composition. Again, a randomly determined blood analysis can only provide limited informational value, and many important micronutrients are not even listed in the usual blood analyses. However, a sufficient supply of certain amino acids, vitamins, trace elements etc. is essential for neurological and hormonal processes to function properly.

Our services

Buchinger Wilhelmi is committed to preserving and improving our patients’ health. To this end, we use suitable methods, including administering nutrients intravenously. Naturally, this is done in accordance with scientific knowledge and regulations.

Infusion therapy is applied by qualified specialists with the experience to choose the best formula for patients, weigh up possible side effects and counteract them successfully if needed.

Entspannte Frau während des Fastens nach Buchinger auf einem gemütlichen Sessel im Garten der Fastenklinik

Both our medical team and our nursing staff have been trained in prescribing and administering infusions by environmental medicine specialists. The treatment takes place in our own dedicated facilities. During your stay at the clinic, any member of our medical team can prescribe the best infusion for you, as well as determining the necessary number of infusions and when therapy should start.

Micronutrient infusions are now firmly established in many therapeutic approaches aimed at improving patients’ well-being. They owe their increasing popularity to their immediate effect and their long-term positive impact on people’s health. We are delighted to offer you medical services tailored to your needs at our clinics that ensure you get the most out of micronutrient infusions. Discover this innovative method for yourself and take a further step on your path to leading a healthier and more balanced life.

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