Individual, holistic and harmonious

We have been honing the therapeutic fasting method for 90 years, combining naturopathic knowledge with scientific progress within the context of integrative medicine. But some things still remain unchanged: The focus on the individual and a holistic view of physical, spiritual and emotional concerns as a prerequisite for a person’s sense of harmony, well-being and personal development.

HeilfastenBuchinger therapeutic fasting as we practice it today is a modified form of fasting aligned to the patient’s individual needs. It is not pure water fasting with zero calorie intake, but a gentle yet effective fasting method, in which the organism is supplied with around 250 kcal per day in the form of freshly squeezed fruit juices and clear vegetable consommés. If required, it can be supplemented with protein through milk products, or micronutrients such as minerals, vitamins and trace elements as well as plenty of liquid in the shape of water or flavoured herbal teas. Further measures include activating the body's excretory functions and a “refeeding” phase in which the body is carefully reaccustomed to a full and preferably wholefood nutritional programme.

Our therapeutic fasting method is based on achieving a balance between rest and exercise, relaxation and exertion, contemplation and inspiration. As a result, so-called auxiliary methods such as gymnastics, hiking, massages or baths play an equally important role in Buchinger therapeutic fasting as inspiration through art and culture or personal development through meditation, coaching and accompanying forms of psychotherapy.