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Buchinger Wilhelmi awarded the “World’s Best Wellness Clinic 2021”

Claudia Prahtel - 02/11/2021 - 0 comments

Überlingen/28 October 2021: Buchinger Wilhelmi Clinic in Überlingen has been chosen as the best wellness clinic in the world at the 7th World Spa Awards.

Due to its scientific and medical approach, Buchinger Wilhelmi offers much more than just wellness: With more than 100 years of experience in medically supervised therapeutic fasting, its own research department with publications in international journals, ten specialized physicians as well as therapeutic, nursing and diagnostics experts, Buchinger Wilhelmi is the world’s leading provider of therapeutic fasting, integrative medicine and inspiration.

The family-owned company, now in the fourth generation, has set itself the goal of helping its guests to live a healthy and fulfilled life.

A patient-to-staff ratio that is unique in the industry – with around two employees for each guest – means that nursing staff can offer patients all-round individual care. Our medical team is on call 24/7.

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“We are extremely proud to be presented the accolade of the World’s Best Wellness Clinic 2021, because it recognizes the work of our employees, especially in a year as challenging as the past one has been.

Our goal is to empower people and enable them to lead a healthy and fulfilled life. And that is exactly what the jury has honoured with this award”, says Leonard Wilhelmi, Clinic Director and great-grandson of the clinic’s founder, Dr. Otto Buchinger.

Buchinger Wilhelmi, Fasten, Heilfasten, Fasting, Health, Integrative Medicine, Leonard Wilhelmi, Managing Director
Leonard Wilhelmi, Klinikdirektor

The World Spa Awards have been presented since 2015 by a renowned international jury to recognize the outstanding services in the global spa and wellness industry. They were awarded for the seventh time in 2021.