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Inauguration of Antares – House of Inspiration

Steffanie Hornstein - 04/09/2018 - 0 comments

Back in April, we inaugurated Antares – House of Inspiration, opposite the clinic in Marbella. Set in extensive grounds, the new house is an ideal location in which to develop and experience the profound, fragile and existential basic concept of inspiration. Nowadays, the society we live in is characterised by a constant overload of visual and auditory stimuli, frequently exacerbated by an extravagant lifestyle and omnipresent technology as well as excessive media consumption. Conse quently, our brain tends to go into a kind of protection mode as a form of self-preservation and switches off receiving mode, although in reality we are still connected to our environment and have merely taken a step back from ourselves.

As a result, we start to gradually stop listening to our inner voice.

To enable our guests to reestablish contact with their inner selves, we decided to create a space dedicated to the topic of inspiration – Antares.

The idea behind this concept is a completely different perspective on patient care. Antares is a place where calm and harmony prevail, where our therapists can accompany you and stand by you in the process of finding and reconnecting with your inner self.
Our interdisciplinary team will care for you and give you psychological support with relaxing rituals such as yoga, pranayama (breathing exercises), creativity, aroma therapy, meditation and more than 20 other treatments.
We are convinced that the process of inspiration can be supported ideally in nature. Never before have we humans been as removed from nature, on which not only our happiness but also our existence depends, as we are today. Various studies have shown that we can reconnect with ourselves most effectively in nature. Because isolating ourselves from nature means isolating ourselves from ourselves.
For this reason, the extensive garden surrounding the House of Inspiration has been turned into a separate therapeutic space and also offers room for many other activities. In designing the garden, we have taken as our guide the natural and sustainable principles of permaculture with its respect for the environment, nature, its rhythms and cycles. Ninety percent of the plants that grow here are native and therefore representative of the natural local landscape. The layout is adapted to the region and the surroundings, reflecting the unique natural beauty of Andalusia.
“For us at Buchinger Wilhelmi, inspiration is fundamentally important to lead a holistic, healthy life. If life were a starlit night, inspiration would be the shooting star that suddenly appears and then vanishes, leaving in its wake a trail that can shape our entire life. We have created an ambience filled with beauty, silence and harmony, where you can feel free and safe, accompanied and supported by an interdisciplinary team. This trusting environment encourages introspection and connects us with our inner nature. We hope that our visitors are able to reestablish contact with themselves and feel the spiritual clarity that leads to creativity, solutions, new ideas and a better selfknowledge … May inspiration be with you.“

These are the goals of the members of the Antares working group.
The services we offer at Antares stand in the tradition of the vision of our founder, Otto Buchinger. He attached particular importance to spiritual inspiration through nature, music and contemplation during fasting. He knew even back then that “When the body fasts, the soul hungers”. He was convinced that it needs “spiritual nourishment” as sustenance, which he described as “a diet for the soul”.

When we opened our first clinic on Lake Constance, neither mobile phones nor the Internet existed. The relationship between us and our environment has changed at such a breakneck speed that it is sometimes difficult for this development to sink in.
The idea behind the House of Inspiration is to enable our guests to rediscover their true nature. It is a gift, like a shooting star in the night sky …

New rooms for our guests

With the inauguration of Antares – House of Inspiration, we have made some changes and created some new facilities at the clinic in Marbella.

  • Our Beauty department has been moved to the House of Inspiration. In addition, we now have a new room that will be used above all for aroma-therapy, hot stone and Ayurveda massages.
  • The small wooden house near the pool will now accommodate a new, spacious shop. We will also be offering our own collection of garments for the first time, designed exclusively for you: Buchinger Wilhelmi by BRAEZ.
  • Diagnostics as well as special medical consultations such as sports medicine will be moved to the former shop in the main building.
  • There will be a spacious new art studio in the House of Inspiration. The original studio in Villa María and the Room of Silence next to it will be turned into further therapy rooms, above all for massages of Asian origin.
  • Finally, the cash desk and management’s offices in the main building have been renovated.

Let us know what you think about these renovations and changes next time you come to Marbella!