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New doctors in Überlingen and Marbella

Claudia Prahtel - 01/08/2023 - 0 comments


Our new doctors in Überlingen and Marbella

We are delighted to introduce three new colleagues, who are a valuable new asset to our medical teams in Überlingen and Marbella not only thanks to their expertise and know-how, but also their personality.

Dr. Julia Mensching: Medicine and music – a harmonious blend

Some of you may already have met Dr. Julia Mensching, as she worked in our clinic in Überlingen for a few months from November 2019. Since December 2022, she has become a permanent part of our team to our and our guests’ joy.

After studying human medicine in Hamburg and training as a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation, Julia Mensching worked for over ten years in multidisciplinary teams at the Berufsgenossenschaftlichen Klinikum Hamburg, an emergency hospital. In addition to her work as a doctor, as a passionate musician who won prizes in music competitions as a child, she also studied music with a major in viola, and played in professional orchestras in Wiesbaden and Essen.

After her first stint at Buchinger Wilhelmi in Überlingen and a position at the Schmieder clinic in Allensbach, her career path finally brought her back to Buchinger Wilhelmi at the end of last year. A focus of her work is on orthopaedics, and she is collaborating intensively in this field with our physiotherapist team to offer new treatments, such as gait analysis. In addition, she has gained further qualifications in the fields of acupuncture and nutritional medicine.

Julia Mensching works part-time in order to make time for her family and her passion of music. Thanks to her holistic approach and her empathetic nature, she is a great asset for our team and our guests.

Dr. Julia Mensching Ärztin bei Buchinger Wilhelmi am Bodensee in Überlingen

Dr. Mónica Rodríguez: Expert for the gut microbiome and women’s health

Dr. Mónica Rodríguez has been part of our medical team in Marbella since March 2021. Before joining Buchinger Wilhelmi, she worked at Hospital Quirón in Marbella and in her own private practice, which she continues to run today. Thanks to her many years of practical experience and her comprehensive expertise in the field of integrative medicine and functional health, she is a great boon for our clinic.

Mónica Rodríguez is also a passionate supporter of life-long learning, as her own career path shows: After graduating from medical school in Columbia, she specialised in paediatrics. Following that, she gained two master’s degrees in Traditional Chinese Medicine in Sevilla (Spain) and California (USA). In addition, she completed training in hypnosis therapy in the USA and gained a further master’s degree in psychoneuroimmunology in Spain.

She chose Buchinger Wilhelmi because our clinic’s integrative approach and scientific foundation correspond to her own beliefs and specialisation, and because after many years of medical practice she has learned to appreciate the chance to work with renowned doctors from different disciplines.

Dr. Mónica Rodríguez is an expert in examining and treating the gut microbiome, and offers a special microbiome consultation. A further area of focus is women’s health, in particular the perimenopause and menopause, phases in which she can provide valuable support with her individual and holistic treatment approach with acupuncture and ozone therapy.

Mónica Rodríguez

Dr. Arina Cadariu: International training and 20 years of clinical experience

Dr. Arina Cadariu combines 20 years of experience in internal medicine with the holistic approach of medically supervised therapeutic fasting: “My aim is to offer our guests individual care and the transformative power of Buchinger Wilhelmi fasting to help them achieve their long-term goals and ultimately become the best version of themselves. By adopting new lifestyle habits, they can improve their health, increase their mental and physical performance, reduce stress and improve the quality of their sleep.”

Arina Cadariu qualified as a specialist for internal medicine at Yale University in New Haven (USA). As Chief Resident, she completed her training in 1997 with publications on the topics of cardiac failure, cancer prevention and addiction medicine. Subsequently, she gained a further qualification as an epidemiologist for chronical diseases at the Yale School of Epidemiology and Public Health.

In her work at Yale New Haven Hospital (YNHH), she recognised that conventional approaches to medical treatment often start too late, in other words, when a disease or pathology has already reached the chronic stage. This strengthened her interest in a holistic, preventive approach for the main causes of death in western industrial nations: cardiovascular diseases, metabolic diseases like obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndrome, neurodegenerative diseases, and cancer.

In this context, her attention was drawn to research findings at the National Institute of Health (NIH) on the topic of fasting. From 2017, she completed further training in medically supervised fasting in Austria. In addition, she learned Japanese acupuncture at Harvard Medical School and treated chemotherapy patients at Yale University with acupuncture. She has worked at our clinic in Überlingen to ensure the well-being of our patients since July 2022.

As a researcher, she deals with the effects of fasting on epigenetics, the metabolism and the microbiome, and with the correlation between nutrition and genes. She is particularly interested in how fasting influences neuroplasticity and can contribute to the prevention and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases.

Arina Cadariu - Ärztin bei Buchinger Wilhelmi in Überlingen