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Steffanie Hornstein - 16/02/2021 - 0 comments



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Would you like to treat yourself or your loved ones to something special and make your day-to-day life even more relaxed and healthier? Give your health and immune system a boost with products from Buchinger Wilhelmi’s kitchen.


Reset box for a digestive rest day at home

If you would like to enjoy the light, healthy feeling you had after your stay in our therapeutic fasting clinic, then the reset box for one digestive rest day is the ideal solution! The box has been developed by our Senior Expert Gastronomy, Hubert Hohler, and includes instructions for a digestive rest day at home with all the ingredients you need for three meals. The tasty and easy-to-digest dishes provide important nutrients. Treat your digestive tract to a well-earned rest!
Price: €30

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From our soup kitchen

“Soup warms not only your body from within, but also your soul.” That’s why it is perfect for the winter season! These parsnip, carrot and tomato soups are real Buchinger Wilhelmi classics. Enjoy the aromatic flavours from our kitchen in your own home. By the way, all ingredients are grown organically and carry the Demeter label.
Price: €4.20 each

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Organic spices and vegetable gravy for culinary highlights

Italy, France, Greece and India – enjoy the taste of holiday at home with our Buchinger Wilhelmi spices. The organically grown spice mixtures are based on recipes by our head chef in Überlingen and are available in the following flavours: Toscana, Bella Italia, Provence, Peloponnese and Curry.
Price: €4.30 each

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As well as our spices, why not try our delicious vegetable jus. This vegan gravy made with Demeter-certified organic vegetables is a culinary highlight and a fantastic way to add the final touch to your home-cooked meals.
Price: €4.50 each

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