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Activities and events 2024 Marbella

Steffanie Hornstein - 03/01/2024 - 0 comments

Annual overview of events

Clínica Buchinger Wilhelmi in Marbella offers regular workshops and other activities for guests. In the following, you can find an overview of events that are scheduled throughout the year.

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MAY 2024

Art workshop with polymer paste

with Sonia Colón*

Use this fascinating material to design your own jewellery or objects, such as hair clips or key rings. Get some inspiration!

JUNE 2024

The science of yoga – An odyssey through 100 years*

Date of the course:

10 to 14 June

JULY 2024

Watercolour workshop

with Sonia Colón*

In this beginners’ workshop, we will experiment with different, easy-to-learn watercolour techniques that will spark your creativity and imagination and help you find your own style. We will be focusing on the flow of the water as we design the details and combine colours.

A wonderful way to capture and convey the beauty of our surroundings.

JULY 2024

Summer party*


20 July


Summer party*


17 August


“Wave breaker” workshop

with Sonia Colón*

This is a simple art project with impressive results. With a few tips and the right products, anyone can do it.

Simply superimpose the light blue of the water with the warm background of sand and white foam that imitates the frothy sea to create a beautiful work of art.


“Designing with India ink” workshop

with Sonia Colón*

In this workshop, you can learn how to use India ink to artistic effect with a quill and a brush. We will try out different techniques, such as drawing lines or creating shading and patterns.

Drawing and painting with Indian ink conveys a feeling of harmony, serenity and peace. With just a few strokes, you can create simple symbols, the silhouette of a bird, or a beautiful landscape.


“Shadow painting” workshop*


“Sculptural painting” workshop*

In this workshop, we will create beautiful pictures with a 3D effect:

First, make a pencil sketch of your work on paper. Then cut out the pieces and place them on a foamboard base to make sure that the composition is balanced. Once you are happy with the position, mark the areas to be cut out with a pencil and a ruler. Then use a cutter to cut out the shapes and glue them to the base. You can even add a second layer if you want. Once it has dried, we will coat it with a gesso primer. If you want, you can add acrylic paint later.


Mindfulness and mental Detox week*

with Lharampa Tenzin Kalden*

During the mindfulness week, Lharampa Tenzin Kalden, a Buddhist monk and a close friend of the clinic, will teach us methods to “detoxify” our mind and come into true contact with ourselves.

Date of the course:

4 to 8 November


“Christmas decorations” collage workshop

with Sonia Colón*

In this workshop, we will make Christmas decorations using recyclable materials and modelling clay. It is an ideal opportunity to design individual gifts, wreaths or branches.


“Family configurations” workshop

with Peter Bourquin

“Family constellations help us bring hidden disorder to light and restore order to promote profound healing processes of the soul”, according to Bert Hellinger, a German philosopher and psychologist who developed the method.

Family constellations are conducted under the guidance of a therapist based on group dynamics and with the support of all participants.

In this course we explore the psychosomatic dimension of illness. In many cases, illness is an indication of unresolved personal or family conflicts. In family constellations, we try to shed light on these subconscious dynamics and activate the patient’s self-healing powers.

Date and time of the course:

11 and 12 December, 10:30 am – 12:30 pm

Price: 200 €


Peter Bourquin trained in family constellations under Bert Hellinger. He also specialises in Gestalt therapy, integrative psychotherapy and brainspotting therapy, and has more than 20 years’ experience as a therapist, particularly in the treatment of trauma. He is the author of nine books that have been translated into five languages, and lectures internationally.


ZEN meditation seminar

with Pater Niklaus Brantschen*

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