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Fasting Documentary “A Fast Life” by Petr Weigl

Claudia Prahtel - 08/04/2021 - 0 comments

Petr Weigl, a London-based artist, recorded his therapeutic fast at Buchinger Wilhelmi on Lake Constance in a video diary – with inspiring results.

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Petr Weigl artist and guest at Buchinger Wilhelmi

“What I experienced during and after the fast was better than anything modern medicine had done for me in the best part of half a century”, said Petr Weigl after a fasting therapy at the Buchinger Wilhelmi Fasting Clinic on Lake Constance.

Due to his worsening health conditions including lifelong eczema and asthma, Petr Weigl, a London-based artist, decided to do a therapeutic fasting of 16 days at the Fasting Clinic Buchinger Wilhelmi Überlingen, on Lake Constance.
To encourage others and show the positive effects of fasting, he documented his journey in a video diary. Join his amazing trip and observe the transformation.

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