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Introduction of Dr. Younes Regragui

Barbara Philipps - 09/11/2022 - 0 comments


Dr. Younes Regragui - Integrative medicine expert

Dr. Younes Regragui has been working as a medical director at our Buchinger Wilhelmi clinic in Marbella for about a year. He has brought his expertise in the field of integrative medicine with him and enriches our team at the clinic greatly.

After finishing his studies in medicine and surgery at the University of Seville, he initially focused on traditional practices, always doing the most for the benefit of his patient. He worked at the hospital in Caen in the French Normandy. Being an emergency doctor led to his determination to provide his patients with all the tools at his disposal – including physiological, psychological, social and nutritional aspects.

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Taking care of our microbiota

His training in the field of microbiota at Sorbonne University, in collaboration with the INSERM centre, has given him the knowledge and ability to understand that taking care of our health also requires taking care of our microbiota. He states that bringing integrative medicine into your life starts with a combination of a microbiota-focused mindset and clinical-psychological knowledge.

Dr. Regragui is passionate about his profession, especially when it comes to raising awareness on the importance of preventive care. His goal is to help patients make positive changes in their lifestyle – which aligns perfectly with what we have been doing at Buchinger Wilhelmi for over 100 years. In his free time, he enjoys nature, photography, and sports, but says his fondest moments are usually around a dinner table surrounded by family and friends.

Development of the department & the professional team

As Medical Director, Dr. Regragui not only assumes the medical management in the clinic in Marbella, but also takes care of the further development of the department and the professional team. This ensures that our guests are treated according to the latest scientific findings in fasting research. Together with his team, Dr. Regragui empowers our guests to live a healthy and fulfilling life, based on knowledge transfer, skills development and individual confidence.

Success of integrative medicine

Dr. Regragui states that the success of integrative medicine at Buchinger Wilhelmi lies in their ability to share the knowledge that each family member brings to the table and more than a hundred years of experience with passion as well as a personal commitment to improve the health of our patients.