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Dealing with food in Marbella

Barbara Philipps - 07/11/2022 - 0 comments


A waste of food? Not at Buchinger Wilhelmi

In our clinics, we do everything we can to help our guests to lead a long and healthy life. Of course, good nutrition is also essential to maintain your health.

For us, however, it is not only important that we offer guests healthy food – the ethical dimension also plays a role: Our nutrition must be compatible with the environment and other creatures. That’s why we serve local, regional and mostly vegetarian food in our clinics. Not only can you taste the high quality of the ingredients, they also have a positive effect on the body, which needs high-quality nutrients especially during and after fasting.

In Marbella, we have therefore initiated an ARF project.

ARF stands for “Amplius Regenerative Food”. That means we work with smallholders from the region who are selected based on strict criteria. As well as complying with the specifications for organic farming, they have to promote healthy soil, for example. Ultimately, everything from planting to harvesting should be regenerative, or in other words work as a cycle.

Thanks to this approach, we can ensure a more sustainable use of resources, a higher nutrient content and more tasty food.

By working closely together, we also learn from each other. For example, our farmers and chefs swap notes about seasonal ingredients. This project also helps us to plan exactly what is planted and harvested when, and what ingredients are available for use in our clinic kitchens. We put in an “order” every six months. That provides the farmers with security, also in difficult times such as during the Covid lockdown, and helps us to plan our meals and reduce the amount of waste.

The few leftovers from our kitchen are recycled on the clinic grounds in Marbella using a vermicomposter. We use nutrient-rich fertilizer from kitchen waste in our large vegetable garden on the clinic grounds, without the need for any other fertilizer. That way, we can continue to ensure the high quality of the fruit and vegetables we grow.

Thanks to this cycle, the ingredients we use are high-quality, organic, natural and healthy, and therefore good for our guests, the environment and the local community.

Dr. Françoise Wilhelmi de Toledo & Victor Wilhelmi

about the organic procurement of food


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