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Anette Lang: 30th anniversary

Barbara Philipps - 10/01/2023 - 0 comments


Anette Lang celebrates her 30th anniversary

This year our therapist Anette Lang celebrates her 30th anniversary at Buchinger Wilhelmi

Ms. Lang started as a massage therapist and medical bath attendant. Since she has continued her education and diversified to include various forms of body-oriented therapy.

She introduced myoreflex therapy according to Dr. Kurt Mosetter into Buchinger Wilhelmi and established this holistic therapy in the clinic. In addition, she also offers psychotonics – the breathing and movement theory according to Prof. Volkmar Glaser – in our clinic in Überlingen on Lake Constance.

Myoreflex therapy

Myoreflex therapy is a holistically oriented integrative form of therapy developed by Dr. Mosetter as a multidimensional treatment concept. Muscle origins/insertions in functional contexts and kinetic chains are treated with so-called pressure point stimulation. By gradually increasing pressure at the muscle-tendon-bone intersection, neuromuscular reactions are triggered. This releases the increased basic tension in the muscle/muscle system and regulation can take place.

This form of therapy is effective, among other things, for back pain, spinal and disc problems, headaches, migraines, tinnitus, sleep disorders, jaw disorders, postural asymmetries and more.


Psychotonics treats various tensions, muscle tone issues and associated pain caused by incorrect breathing through targeted touch and movement. This way, the patient’s breathing movements are harmonized, and a natural flow of breath is restored.

Through deep relaxation, emotional experiences can be released, the musculature can be regulated, and a sense of well-being can be established. Therefore, this type of breathing therapy is also helpful, among other things, for cases of stress and states of exhaustion.

What Ms. Lang appreciates most about her work is meeting people from all over the world, the special atmosphere, and the interdisciplinary cooperation in the diverse, competent Buchinger Wilhelmi team. She describes that for her, Buchinger Wilhelmi signifies personal growth, communication, and a keen interest in each other.

She finds the transformation of guests within a very short time particularly fascinating. That is why she is happy to share her knowledge and support her patients in returning to their everyday lives with renewed energy and newly developed strategies, making it easier to cope with everyday life.

Thank you very much!

We thank Mrs. Lang for her mindful, empathic and valuable work over three decades and congratulate her on this very special anniversary!