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The scientific department has a new member: Dr. Robin Mesnage

Steffanie Hornstein - 12/04/2022 - 0 comments

We are delighted to welcome Dr. Robin Mesnage as a new member of the Buchinger Wilhelmi team.

Dr. Robin Mesnage joined Buchinger Wilhelmi at the beginning of 2022 as Lead Data Scientist – after supporting the research team for five years, among others with statistical analyses on the latest studies. He and his research team will now continue the scientific documentation of long-term fasting according to the Buchinger Wilhelmi fasting programme and work with our doctors to develop new therapy strategies and improve existing methods to further optimise the efficacy and range of treatments of our fasting clinics. With his strong focus on the gut microbiome, state-of-the-art technology and knowledge transfer, he complements the research team led by our Scientific Director, Dr. Françoise Wilhelmi de Toledo.

Scientist, entrepreneur and researcher

Dr. Mesnage looks back on a long career. His specialist areas are toxicology and chemical regulation, molecular biology and biochemistry, as well as human physiology. In 2008, Dr. Mesnage started his studies in Biology at the University of Caen in Normandy, graduating with a Master’s degree in Cell Biology and a PhD in Molecular and Cell Biology. As a Research Associate at King’s College in London, Dr. Mesnage led a research programme on toxicology in the field of medical genetics and molecular genetics. In 2016, he gained a further Master’s degree in London in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology. In 2018, Dr. Mesnage set up his own company to assess the risk of toxic substances. In addition, he advised health specialists on analysing complex biomedical data. An experienced researcher, Dr. Mesnage has for the last ten years examined the health effects of pollution caused by pesticides. He has published his findings in over 70 scientific articles that have been cited more than 5,000 times. He has appraised over 100 studies and is editor of three scientific journals.

Welcome to the Buchinger Wilhelmi Team, Dr. Robin Mesnage!

Here is a selection of his publications:

Mesnage R, Zaller JG, eds. Herbicides: Chemistry, Efficacy, Toxicology, and Environmental Impacts. Emerging Issues in Analytical Chemistry. Cambridge, MA: Elsevier in cooperation with RTI Press.

Mesnage R, Teixeira M, Mandrioli D, Falcioni L, Ducarmon QR, Zwittink RD, Mazzacuva F, Caldwell A, Halket J, Amiel C, Panoff J, Belpoggi F, Antoniou MN (2021). Use of shotgun metagenomics and metabolomics to evaluate the impact of glyphosate or Roundup MON 52276 on the gut microbiota and serum metabolome of
Sprague-Dawley rats. Environmental Health Perspectives. Jan;129(1):17005

Mesnage R, Grundler F, Schwiertz A, Le Maho Y, Wilhelmi de Toledo F. (2019) Changes in Human Gut Microbiota Composition Are Linked to the Energy Metabolic Switch During Ten Days of Fasting. Journal of Nutritional Science 8.

Mesnage R, Phedonos A, Arno M, Balu S, Christopher Corton J, Antoniou MN (2017) Editor’s Highlight: Transcriptome profiling reveals bisphenol A alternatives activate estrogen receptor alpha in human breast cancer cells. Toxicol Sci. 2017.