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Barbara Philipps - 25/07/2022 - 0 comments

The most frequently asked questions

about the new FASTING BOX from Buchinger Wilhelmi

About the Buchinger Wilhelmi FASTING BOX

What is Buchinger Wilhelmi’s new FASTING BOX?

The FASTING BOX is based on the fasting programme offered at Buchinger Wilhelmi, but is designed especially for use at home. It gives people a first idea of what it is like to fast properly at one of Buchinger Wilhelmi’s clinics.

The programme is based on ready-to-eat soups made with locally sourced Demeter or Bioland-certified ingredients and includes recipes from the former head chef at Buchinger Wilhelmi on Lake Constance.

They are supplemented with carefully selected products such as two cold-pressed oils, hummus, two different teas, Buchinger Wilhelmi fasting minerals, and much more to enable customers to fast safely and enjoyably at home. Each element has been carefully developed and coordinated by an interdisciplinary team of doctors, nutritionists and chefs.

Contents of the Buchinger Wilhelmi FASTING BOX

What is the difference between fasting at one of Buchinger Wilhelmi’s clinics and the new FASTING BOX?

The dimensions

Fasting at one of our clinics provides all three dimensions of fasting: the medical and physical dimension, inspiration and interaction with a group of people who are all fasting together. The FASTING BOX contains above all components of the physical dimension.

Calorie intake

The daily calorie intake is higher than when fasting at the clinic so that people can easily accomplish their daily tasks even though their metabolism is changing. As the plant-based foods in the box are very low in calories and carbohydrates but high in fats, with some proteins, the body can still enter ketosis – one of the desired effects of the »fasting metabolism«. Ketosis is a metabolic state that keeps the brain young and encourages cell regeneration.


As it is not possible for us to guarantee medical care when fasting with the FASTING BOX, Buchinger Wilhelmi’s experts provide people fasting at home with support in the form of e-mails, videos, our User Guide and an online forum.

Who is the Buchinger Wilhelmi FASTING BOX suitable for?

Our programme is aimed at healthy adults. It is not suitable for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

What sets the Buchinger Wilhelmi FASTING BOX apart from other similar products on the market?

Buchinger Wilhelmi has over 100 years of fasting experience. We have accompanied more than 250,000 people in total who come to fast at our two clinics in Überlingen and Marbella.

Building on this unique wealth of experience and a large number of scientific studies and publications, we have developed this programme for use at home – incorporating the latest developments in research.

The Buchinger Wilhelmi FASTING BOX does not contain fruit juices, as these contain a lot of carbohydrates and can prevent the body from entering ketosis, the so-called “fasting metabolism”. Instead, the main component is soups made with organic vegetables.

As a result, the organism can enter ketosis faster. And autophagy and apoptosis – important cell-cleansing mechanisms – can be activated. The ketone test strips supplied with the box are an easy way to measure when the body has entered ketosis.

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