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The new FASTING BOX for use at home

Barbara Philipps - 26/07/2022 - 0 comments

5-day reset program for use at home

with the new Buchinger Wilhelmi FASTING BOX

Überlingen, 22 July 2022 – Previously, fasting based on the method developed by Buchinger Wilhelmi, the world’s leading provider of therapeutic fasting, was only possible at its two clinics in Überlingen and Marbella. Now the descendants of founder Dr. Otto Buchinger have launched a new product that can be used at home based on the clinics’ fasting programme: The Buchinger Wilhelmi FASTING BOX. The programme is founded on more than 100 years of clinical experience and numerous scientific studies and publications. The box is available from Buchinger Wilhelmi’s new online shop at


At a glance

  • For the first time, Buchinger Wilhelmi is offering a five-day reset programme for use at home.
  • The FASTING BOX is ideal for those who want to change their eating habits or treat their body to some time out.
  • The programme is designed to be easily integrated into everyday life and can be applied several times a year.

The Buchinger Wilhelmi FASTING BOX

The new FASTING BOX contains everything needed for a five-day reset at home.

The programme is based on ready-to-eat soups made with locally sourced Demeter or Bioland-certified ingredients. They are enriched with cold-pressed oil that is rich in essential fatty acids as well as a little hummus (chickpea paste), which provides additional fats and some plant-based proteins.

Further products in the package are fasting minerals, two high-quality oils, beneficial herbal teas and much more, to ensure that the five-day programme is as effective and pleasant as possible.

The ingredients contain only a few calories and carbohydrates – around 600 kcal per day – but a high share of fats and some proteins. The fasting minerals supplied in the box are supplements containing minerals and micronutrients recommended by our doctors to support the body in the best possible way during fasting.

As unique feature, the FASTING BOX also includes ketone test strips (Ketosticks). They are an easy way to measure whether the body is in ketosis (metabolising fats). The package also contains a detailed User Guide with information on the course of the programme, background information and useful tips for each day of the fast. In addition, it includes recipes for the days after completing the fast, called the switchback phase. Because the time after fasting is of crucial importance for its therapeutic success.

Digital support programme

An important part of the programme is daily support in the form of e-mails, videos and an online forum. Katharina Rohrer-Zaiser, Victor Wilhelmi and Leonard Wilhelmi, all great-grandchildren of Dr. Otto Buchinger, share their extensive experience in daily video messages as personal support throughout this special programme. The online forum is a place to swap experience with other people who are fasting and send questions directly to the experts at Buchinger Wilhelmi.

Victor Wilhelmi, Managing Director at Buchinger Wilhelmi, explains, “We have condensed our entire knowledge to adapt our method and our more than 100 years’ of experience to people’s present-day needs. Thanks to digital media, we can now offer customers all over the world a programme that allows them to experience above all the physical aspect of fasting. It was always my great-grandfather’s vision to make fasting accessible to as many people as possible. Based on our scientific work and extensive clinical expertise, we have developed this digitally supported programme to help people lead a healthy and fulfilled life at home, too.”

Details of the Buchinger Wilhelmi FASTING BOX

Short interview with Victor Wilhelmi

The FASTING BOX is the first product launched by Buchinger Wilhelmi for use at home. What does the FASTING BOX contain exactly? Is it similar to fasting in the clinic?

Our FASTING BOX is based on the fasting programme offered in our clinics, but is designed especially for use at home. That means the daily calorie intake is higher than when fasting at the clinic so that people can easily accomplish their daily tasks even though their metabolism is changing.

The programme is based on ready-to-eat soups made with locally sourced Demeter or Bioland-certified ingredients. They are supplemented with carefully selected products such as our cold-pressed oils, hummus, soup essence, two different teas, and much more, to guide our customers safely and enjoyably through the five-day programme.

The comprehensive medical care and assistance we offer people who come to fast at our clinics has characterised our programme for over 100 years. Of course, we cannot replicate this one-to-one in our FASTING BOX, but here, too, personal support plays an important role. That’s why we offer customers our comprehensive User Guide as well as daily e-mails with video messages from our team of experts – including me, my brother Leonard and my cousin Katharina Rohrer-Zaiser.

In addition, our online forum provides a safe space where people can share their experience with other participants and find answers to their questions.

Victor Wilhelmi

Victor Wilhelmi great-grandson of Dr. Otto Buchinger and Managing Director at Buchinger Wilhelmi 

The FASTING BOX is available via your new online shop, and the programme has a strong digital focus. Is this a conscious move to online business for Buchinger Wilhelmi?

Our aim has always been to empower people to lead a healthy, fulfilled life. For a long time, we believed the only way to fulfil our commitment to quality was through a stay in one of our clinics. But there is a growing demand for access to our programme irrespective of time and location. The FASTING BOX is our answer to this. It gives people a first idea of what it is like to fast properly at one of Buchinger Wilhelmi’s clinics.

Fasting at our clinics provides all three dimensions of fasting: the medical and physical dimension, inspiration and interaction with a group of people who are all fasting together. The FASTING BOX contains above all components of the physical dimension. However, our aim is to offer each of our customers high-quality support at home, too. Digitalisation allows us to keep our commitment to quality and at the same time to empower people at home, who cannot come to our clinics at all, or not as frequently, to lead a healthy, fulfilled life.

What does fasting mean to you personally?

Fasting has always been part of my life, ever since I was a child. I fast at least twice a year. For me, it means achieving a balance, both physical and mental, a kind of reset. Studies have also shown that fasting has many positive effects, for example on your blood pressure, insulin resistance and glucose metabolism.

Fasting as practised at Buchinger Wilhelmi considers the body, mind and soul as one entity in the healing and growth process. The focus is on therapeutic fasting and individual medical care. But conscious nutrition, physical exercise and spiritual inspiration are equally important. Because they also help the body and mind to regenerate, combined with physical applications and exercising in nature.

About Buchinger Wilhelmi

Buchinger Wilhelmi is a family-owned company managed in the fourth generation with clinics in Überlingen on Lake Constance, Germany, and in Marbella, Spain. In 2020, it marked the 100th anniversary of the fasting method developed by Dr. Otto Buchinger, a doctor, philosopher and pioneer of therapeutic fasting. The company has around 20 doctors at its two clinics who cover a wide range of specialisations including rheumatology, diabetology and cardiology as well as traditional naturopathic methods from Europe and other continents. Qualified nurses, physiotherapists, nutritionists, psychologists and personal trainers complete the team. With its medical and scientific approach and its own research department that has published in international scientific journals, Buchinger Wilhelmi is a globally leading provider of therapeutic fasting, integrative medicine and inspiration.

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