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Fasting, hiking and e-biking at Buchinger Wilhelmi

Claudia Prahtel - 05/10/2021 - 0 comments

Exercise – a core component of fasting

One key aspect of the therapeutic concept in our fasting clinics is exercise – ideally in the fresh air. Even our founder Otto Buchinger considered it essential that a stay here should not only provide space for cleansing and fortifying the body, but also nourishment and inspiration for the mind and spirit. Gentle exercise combined with fasting helps the body to reset itself and find new strength.

In the beautiful countryside around our two fasting clinics in Marbella and Überlingen on Lake Constance it is easy to forget the stress and challenges of everyday life and find new pleasure in a healthy lifestyle. Our guests can choose from a wide range of activities such as yoga, hiking, cycle tours and much more.

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Hiking in Marbella and on Lake Constance

Hiking excursions are part of our weekly programme all year round in our fasting clinics. Whatever the time of year, hiking is good for your body and your mind! The focus of our hikes is always on connecting with nature. Winter hikes through the silent, snowy landscape in the Lake Constance region have a special attraction, while in spring and summer the force and vitality of nature can be felt most powerfully. In Autumn, the temperature is ideal for hiking and the forests are brightly coloured.

Our guides will accompany you on your hikes, show you the way and take you to the most beautiful spots in the region.

In Marbella, the routes either follow the Andalusian Mediterranean coast or take you into the rocky hinterlands. The countryside around our fasting clinic in Überlingen on Lake Constance is dominated by green forests and meadows. The hikes take you along woodland paths and fields and through the vineyards around Lake Constance.

Yoga and exercising under palms

Regain your inner balance while strengthening your body and finding peace of mind in the fresh sea air: We offer courses in yoga, Pilates, gymnastics and much more in the spacious grounds of our clinic in Marbella as well as in the new dojo at our House of Inspiration. Beginners and more advanced learners are equally welcome. Alternatively, you can dive into our seawater pool for a morning swim.

Cycle tours around our fasting clinics

Another way to explore the region around our clinics is on a cycle tour! That’s why we now have a greater choice of bicycles in both fasting clinics. Try one of our new mountain bikes or e-bikes and explore the nearby forests, valleys and vineyards around Lake Constance, or follow one of the newly built cycling paths in and around Marbella and discover the old town and nearby villages. One particularly spectacular tour is the “Sendero literal”, a cycle path that takes you along the coast. If you prefer to bring your own bicycle to Marbella, you can park it in our new bicycle shed.

New: e-bikes for hire

We now have a choice of e-bikes that are ideal for a more challenging route or a particularly relaxing cycle tour. Even if you have less experience riding a bike, you can enjoy the varied paths around our clinics through fields, up mountains and along the coast. They not only have powerful batteries, but also wide tires and outstanding suspension to make even a tour along more challenging paths a pleasant experience. Our local guides will also be happy to accompany you.


Are you looking for some inspiration for sporting activities during your next stay? It’s always good to have something to look forward to! Order our free Buchinger Wilhelmi booklet that lists all of our activities at a glance.

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