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Mindfulness meditation and Mental detox

Steffanie Hornstein - 05/06/2022 - 0 comments

Mindfulness Week with Lharampa Tenzin Kalden

Mindfulness meditation is one of the most important methods to help you cope with stress and find a purpose in life. This tradition has its roots in Buddhist psychology with the aim of training the mind. In our everyday lives, our minds are constantly distracted and wander aimlessly. Reflections on the past and future, as well as plans, hopes, worries and other negative patterns of thought occupy our minds. As a result, we never really manage to live in the here and now, are not really connected to ourselves, and feel stressed and unhappy.

Mindfulness meditation teaches us how our mind works, so that we can detect disruptive patterns and align them. We train our mind to develop a positive mental attitude and achieve balanced inner concentration. We become stronger, calmer and happier inside and feel a deep inner stability.

Lharampa Tenzin Kalden, a Buddhist monk and a close friend of the clinic, will accompany the weekly programme in Marbella during this time and be available for discussions.


Date of the course:

4 to 8 November

Content of the programme:

  • Mindfulness techniques and mental purification
  • Silent hikes
  • Lu Jong (Tibetan Healing Yoga)
  • Lectures on mindfulness and other topics


The meditations and lectures will be held in English with translation into Spanish