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News from the kitchen at Lake Constance

Steffanie Hornstein - 14/01/2019 - 0 comments

We saw some major changes in the kitchen in Überlingen last year. On the one hand, meals from or organic gourmet cuisine are now served on new, brightly coloured dishes from Rosenthal, and on the other, several of our kitchen staff used the last year for training courses and to gain further qualifications:

  • Sous-chef Tanja Beller gained her master’s certificate as a chef from the School of Hotel Management of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce.
  • Furthermore, she qualified as a nutritionally trained chef at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, getting the best marks in her class.
  • Susanne Nothelfer and Sabine Männle completed their training as organic wholefood chefs with top marks and can now call themselves “gourmet chefs”.
  • Hein Schirmeister gained his trainer qualification from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce.  This year he will take his certificate as a master chef. We wish him the best of luck!
  • What’s more, our nutritionist Birgitt Bley successfully completed her two-year training in medicinal herbs with Susanne Fischer-Rizzi in mid-2018.

We would like to congratulate them all on their successful qualifications and look forward to being able to treat our guests and patients to an even better choice of culinary treats in future.